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Panek's Golf Cart Service Co. has been selling, renting, and servicing golf carts for the Hamilton & Ewing, NJ, area location since 1995. With that many years of experience behind them, they've developed a reputation for quality products, honest business dealings, and superior customer service. Panek's Golf Cart Service is big enough to sell and service all major brands, and small enough to still provide the kind of personal attention that keeps customers happy. When you deal with Panek's, we treat you like family because we want to keep your business for years to come.

You Can Find All Kinds of Golf Carts at Panek's

If you're in the market for a brand new golf cart, or maybe a refurbished model that's as good as new, come to Panek's in the Hamilton & Ewing, NJ area, and browse our golf cart inventory. We carry gas powered and electric golf carts with a range of feature options to meet your needs, whether you're looking for a cart to cruise the course or one to serve as a utility transport for your home property. We also rent golf carts for special events such as golf tournaments, horse shows, weddings, sports events, and more.

Battery Replacement, Repair, and Maintenance

Every kind of motorized transport wears out eventually, and that includes golf carts. At Panek's we service all kinds of carts from all manufacturers, and we're more than happy to offer you a free estimate on service for your golf cart. If you'd like to work on your own cart, we'll even consult to provide technical assistance, in person or by phone. Chances are we'll have the parts you need to fix your problem in stock, and if not we will be glad to order them for you.
Visit Panek's Golf Cart Service in the Hamilton & Ewing, NJ area today. We look forward to serving you!

Golf Cart Sales & Rentals

Golf Cart Sales & Rentals

Panek's carries a range of models for every need. Utility bed? Rear seats? Gas & electric models are
in stock.

Golf Cart Service & Repair

If it's part of a golf cart and it's broken, we can fix it. Just as importantly, we perform routine maintenance. Find out more.